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This is the Results 4 Care opening page for our wiki. This wiki is intented to inform you about our work in standards, in particular Detailed Clinical Models, Health Level Seven, terminologies and CEN and ISO standards. It will also point to our active projects and functions we carry out.
And, it does include some of the propositions we might have for you, such as courses, second opinions and DCM work supporting tools.

Anneke Goossen
Michael van der Zel
William Goossen

The Results 4 Care website in Dutch: Results 4 Care home site

The development of DCM takes place in collaboration with clinicians/ care givers. For this collaboration we made a webtool, the DCM Content Creator (DCM CC). To access the DCM CC: DCM Content Creator

We also made an add-in in Enterprise Architect for modelling a DCM, the DCM Model Creator UML Template

Results 4 Care participates in the Clinical Infomation Modleing Initiative, known as CIMI. Information and work on DCM and CIMI

Results 4 Care participates in the project on DCM within Health Level 7 Patient Care Work Group. More information on this project can be found on: DCM in HL7

Results 4 Care participates in standard development within ISO. The wiki for this work (DCM expert team memners only): www.hiwiki.org

Outside of Results 4 Care: William is lector ICT innovations in Healthcare at Hogeschool Windesheim

For the R4C team: this are our internal instructions to create this wiki: R4C wiki instructions
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